Our goal is to Provide Young Adults with the education and tools  necessary to create healthy, fulfilling and safe relationships with themselves and others.

Karen Addison has proudly worked with: 



“If every teenager around the country could hear what she has to say about respecting ourselves and each other, our generation would grow up to be a light and to be very respected. She definitely knows what she is talking about, and her talents and knowledge should be given the opportunity to spread to to the many people around her.”  

– Fabbiana Progar, Student

"When Karen Addison walks into a room, people take note. She is attractive, well spoken, enthusiastic and friendly. I was drawn to her passion for young people. She has an uncanny ability to develop and implement curriculum to young people with exuberance and extravagance that captivates and engages them."

Joneen MackenziE, President / Founder
Center For Relationship Education