Healing your past. Protecting your future. 

A cutting edge and innovative violence prevention / healthy relationship program designed specifically for college women to help them create healthy, respectful, safe relationships- -REAL Relationships.


Our Stand With Us (SWU) programs are innovative and powerful programs that combine a young adult violence prevention specialist with a SWAT detective, who, with their combined experiences, have worked with young people for over 20 years on healthy relationships and violence prevention. Both professionals bring a unique and compelling perspective to abuse prevention, safety, and healthy relationship formation. Discover the defining characteristics of unhealthy relationships and the distinctive traits of unhealthy people. Find out how to avoid involving yourself with those who are destructive. Learn how to let go of the baggage of negative relationships from your past. Become bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to stand up for what is right, and strong enough to become who you've always wanted to become!

A new, innovative healthy relationship/violence prevention program designed specifically for fraternities to assist them in  understanding what healthy masculinity looks like  and how they can become modern gentlemen who create and maintain relationships that are safe, respectful, and healthy.  This program will help fraternity men create positive change and culture within their fraternities.

The Problem:

                Fraternities have long been associated with dangerous, reckless, illegal and offensive behaviors. Sex assault, domestic violence, hazing deaths, etc. Fraternities have seen a steady decline in appropriate, healthy, safe and respectful behaviors over the last many decades. While federal and local pressure are causing some fraternities to change their behavior, many are not.

The Solution:

               REAL Relationships gives young adults hope and the skills and knowledge needed to have healthy, safe and lasting relationships. We believe that most fraternity men are good and decent men who may be stuck in not knowing how to be healthy men, but genuinely want to learn this.  We want to help fraternity men become modern gentlemen. We want to help fraternity men change the culture in their fraternities to one that is safe, healthy and respectful to all. 

A revolutionary program for Middle and High SChool students that teaches healthy relationship formation and comprehensive abuse prevention.

Be Smart Guard Your Heart helps students:

  • Identify components of, and discover the skills needed for, a healthy relationship.
  • Recognize abusive relationships and understand the complex dynamics surrounding abuse.
  • Acquire skills for handling abusive situations: bullying, sexual assault, abusive home environments, destructive boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • Discern the traits of a destructive person. 
  • Feel greater tolerance and empathy for people with different backgrounds or lifestyles. 
  • Learn the techniques of an engaged bystander.
  • Gain critical resiliency tools.

Flexible in it's format, BSGH can be presented as a stand-alone assembly, a six week course, or anything in between. We work with each school independently to create a program that is best suited for that particular school. 

Find out what's really going on with your students. 

High risk relationship behaviors - bullying, sexual assault, dating violence and more - are pervasive among young people and the schools they attend, yet these destructive behaviors are often not measured in schools. Schools and universities cannot help their students without first knowing the issues they are facing and where their greatest needs lie.

SNAPSHOT is a unique risk-assessment tool that accurately, anonymously, and immediately identifies the prevalence of the top high-risk behaviors in peer dating relationships among the young adults of your school or organization. Our one-of-a-kind, interactive program provides a powerful visual representation for both the students and administration.

SNAPSHOT gives you three options: 

  1. The assessment alone (one-hour assembly)
  2. The assessment and a written report and analysis of the results. 
  3. The assessment, analysis, and a five hour violence prevention/healthy relationship program tailored to your schools specific needs.

Know the issues they face so they won't have to face them alone.

Being a teenager is filled with excitement, independence, growth, and challenge. Unfortunately it can also be a dangerous time. Consider these sobering statistics about teenage life in the U.S.:

  • One in three teens is a victim of physical, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse from a dating partner.
  • 96% of teens report mental/emotional abuse in their dating relationships.
  • One in four college women will be sexually assaulted in college.
  • 82% of parents feel confident they could recognize if their teen was experiencing dating violence, but more than half of these parents could not identify the warning signs of abuse.
  • 62% of teens report verbally abusive relationships, but only 34% of their parents knew of it. 

The PARENT AWARE seminar brings the issue of teen dating violence to light and provides practical suggestions for facing these issues head-on with your teen. We can help. 

Lizzy Lives in An Angry House

Lizzy Lives in An Angry House

Helping Children Learn to Thrive In the Midst of an Angry Living Environment

With wisdom and practical experience, Addison gives readers young and old alike an empathetic approach to recognizing emotionally destructive (scary angry) relationships and tools to help those living in “scary angry” homes overcome and break the cycle of abuse. Readers will learn to identify unhealthy behaviors and attitudes that make up a destructive relationship and actions meant to punish and control. They will come to understand the abuse (“scary anger”) is not their fault and be taught the foundations of a healthy relationship.

5 stars.jpeg
This book helped open up a dialogue between my daughter and myself in which she was able to express how her father becomes scary angry and how that makes her feel. After reading the book, she was also able to express how she directs her anger and frustration with her father out on myself and her stepfather as she feels safe with us and it’s usually built up by the time she sees us.
It is a great relief and healing thought that someone would care to write a guide like this. While not a replacement for therapy, this book does a great job of helping acknowledge and address the issues of domestic abuse. I wish that I had had the benefit of this resource; I’m sure it can help you and yours also.
This was an easy read, written to be most beneficial in a child’s hands. Children need to learn that trusted adults are closer than they think. I would also recommend this book to social workers, counselors, psychologists, teachers, ministers and other professionals.
I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for 22 years. Rarely have I seen this kind of book that addresses one of the most “hidden” abuses. Often it is not seen as abuse because there are no marks left. And the abuse isn’t identified in childhood. It is often not discovered in this age group. It’s only years later, after the individual acts out destructive patterns as an adult that this is discovered. Books like this will help the tween and a parent or trusted adult help the victim see this for what it is....abuse and control. This book can help to end the cycle of abuse so the child can begin to heal before they act out on the violence they learned or become a victim of it as an adult.
As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I was thankful to finally find a book on verbal abuse tailored for the tweens and teens who are struggling with this destructive and often silently suffered pain. This book helps to give a voice to those who feel voiceless in the midst of the chaos created by verbal abuse.